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Cogito Ergo Sum - Ahh, yes, but is it true vice versa?

Expect nothing less than incoherency

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Birthdate:Aug 9
Location:New York, United States of America

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24, alan tudyk, andy skib, animal rights, anthony warlow, ares, beanies, billy boyd, books, braveheart, brits, broadway, brothers & sisters, bruce coville, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, captain jack sparrow, carl sagan, cold stone, confidence man, contact, coupling, cs lewis, daniel radcliffe, david cook, disney movies, dog sees god, dominic monaghan, douglas sills, dragons, firefly, garfield, gerard butler, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, hadley fraser, harry potter, hawaii, heroes, highlander, hobbits, horse racing, ian somerhalder, ice cream, icons, jack davenport, james alan gardner, james barbour, jeffrey dean morgan, jekyll & hyde, joey clement, johnny depp, jonathan larson, josh holloway, joss whedon, katy pfaffl, keith nobbs, kevin smith, kiefer sutherland, kyle peek, laughing, lewis black, linda eder, lord of the rings, lost, lucky bamboo, lucy lawless, maggie grace, magic rainbows, marcus chait, matt caplan, mavid, michael hurst, michael johns, monaboyd, moseley, movies, music, musical theatre, my boys, narnia, nathan fillion, neal tiemann, new york city, odie, osal, phantom of the opera, photoshop, pippin, pirate queen, pirates of the caribbean, pretty boys, prison break, quantum leap, reading, rejectness, relativity, renee oconnor, rent, rob evan, robert cuccioli, rocky horror, sawyer, sci-fi, scotland, scotsmen, seaquest, sharpies, showtunes, singing, sirius black, stage door, stuffed animals, swords, the three musketeers, tofu, tolkien, triple crown, unicorns, vegetarianism, viggo mortensen, watership down, wicked, will & grace, wormholes, writing, xena

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